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Thrive in a Value-Based Healthcare Landscape

Accorded makes healthcare contracting efficient and scalable with tech-powered actuarial insights and analytics. We enable healthcare stakeholders to forecast, price, and measure the value of care at scale.

Our Technology
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Providers & Digital Health

Secure Sustainable Deals Swiftly and Confidently

With Accorded, you can demonstrate your market value and win more deals faster with commensurate pricing backed by data to help you negotiate better contract terms.

Employers, Brokers & Consultants

ROI Intelligence Personalized to Your Benefits Program

Enhance your healthcare vendor selection process with informed ROI analysis tailored to the unique needs of your healthcare benefits.

Health Plans & Providers

Expand Your Value-Based Contracting Footprint

Seamlessly engage with partners and internal members on risk contracts— augmenting your existing capabilities across both primary and specialty care.

Our Unique Offerings

Powered by actuarial and data technology, Accorded empowers healthcare organizations to:

  • Articulate their healthcare solution's savings potential
  • Design effective and innovative pricing and contracting strategies
  • Measure contract performance and validate impact

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VBC Contract lifecycle

Your Trusted Partner in Value-Based Contracting

Guided by a blend of actuarial expertise and data engineering, we simplify and boost the efficacy of value-based contracting.

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We Leverage Actuarial and Data Science to Simplify Value-Based Care Contracting

Democratizing Actuarial Expertise

Operationalizing value-based care requires healthcare organizations to connect the impact of clinical solutions to a reduction in total cost of care all while managing risk. With Accorded, organizations of any size have access to core actuarial expertise, data infrastructure, and analytical capabilities required to adopt value-based care. 

Accorded's actuarial solution bridges data and infrastructure gaps, allowing businesses the opportunity to thrive at scale.

Redefining Health Data Analytics

Our innovative, scalable technology platform challenges conventional data engineering—it's built on next-generation analytics pipelines and data models, enabling configurable actuarial analysis and reporting. Made up of reusable building blocks (models, and more), the Accorded Platform supports flexibility, extensibility, and scale for a diverse range of actuarial workflows and analyses.

Partner with Us on Your Value-Based Care Journey