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Demonstrate Value and Accelerate Growth with Accorded

Accorded makes it easy to validate your market value, arming you with reliable insights to flexibly price your services and prove your impact on healthcare costs.

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Challenges Faced by Digital Health and Specialty Care Providers

Difficulty translating the intricacies of a novel or complex care model into a financial model that passes muster with payers

Payer contract terms that do not reflect the value of an unique clinical solution

Burdensome overhead to measure realized cost of care outcomes for performance evaluation

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Customized actuarial roadmap tailored to your offerings

Access to commercial & Medicare datasets and self-serve technology platform

Dedicated actuarial support layer

Powered by Technology

Actuarial Ops for Optimal Value-Based Care

What is actuarial ops?

Actuarial ops is a cross-functional, analytical, and iterative approach to managing and scaling risk-based contracts. Spanning the entire value-based care lifecycle, actuarial ops informs business decisions and risk management with a continuous system of record for risk exposure and financial obligations associated with value-based contracts. Actuarial ops aligns business stakeholders across finance, clinical operations, analytics, commercial, and contracting teams.

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Built for Next-Gen Care Companies

Our solution is tailored to the unique requirements of a multitude of specialty care and unique care models

  • Musculoskeletal
  • Alzheimer's & Dementia
  • Oncology
  • Cardiovascular
  • Substance Use Disorder
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Maternity
  • Anxiety & Depression

…and more

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How It Works

We understand that everyone's journey toward value-based care is unique. We first learn the details of your clinical or care solution, then we develop your personalized actuarial roadmap.

With Accorded, you gain access to both a technology platform and a specialized group of actuaries and payment specialists who function as an extension of your own team.

A selection of our capabilities across three critical stages of the value-based contracting lifecycle

Opportunity Development

Quantify the potential impact of your solution on cost of care

  • Patient segmentation by condition, demographics and stage
  • Prevalence rate of targeted conditions
  • Cost and utilization rates for key services and billing codes
  • Estimate healthcare costs addressable by your clinical/care model
  • Claims data integration and modeling by business line and payer population profile
Contracting Design

Establish your own framework for value-based agreements and prepare for contract negotiations

  • Pricing and alternative payment options based on your clinical/care model
  • Adjustments for risk tolerance and business requirements
  • Counterproposal impact modeling
  • Scenario testing and contract configuration modeling
  • Payer claims data integration and modeling
Performance Evaluation

Measure realized cost of care and have line of sight into performance and risk/payments

  • Payer claims data integration
  • Contract reconciliation and validation
  • Retrospective variance analysis and remediation
  • Updates to clinical cost impact and payment model updates
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The Accorded Platform

Our interactive software platform is made up of configurable building blocks to enable flexibility, extensibility, and scalability for diverse workflows – resulting in quicker and more efficient analyses for contracting.

  • Access to on-demand insights via the Accorded Platform
  • Easily access, view, and share reports created for you by Accorded Actuaries via our platform
  • Modify and create reports through a guided and approachable experience.
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Data-Backed Confidence and Safeguards

We prepare you for negotiations and performance evaluations, so your rates and payments reflect the value and impact of your solutions. And with a full line of sight into risk exposure and financial requirements, your teams can plan ahead more effectively.

Validate Your Cost of Care Impact

Unify your customers' claims data and experience to develop a singular system for understanding your ROI, processing performance-based contract terms, and enhancing your negotiation power during contract renewals.

Experience Ease, Growth and Differentiate Yourself With Accorded.

Let our dedicated team guide you through a successful value-based care journey.