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Health program ROI intelligence at your fingertips

Achieve greater transparency, financial control, and confidence in your healthcare partnerships.

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Challenges facing employers and benefits brokers & consultants

Reducing healthcare spend

You are rethinking approaches to improving the quality of care provided to your people while also reducing the cost of care per employee.

Assessing vendors

Employers and brokers are inundated with countless potential healthcare vendor solutions to evaluate. How do you select the ones that can drive the most value?

Validating ROI

It's easy to tell when your vendors are delivering on experience. But assessing true clinical and financial outcomes? It's a challenge.

Validate the real world ROI of current vendors

Unify your claims data to paint an accurate and objective picture of your vendors' ROI. Confidently validate your vendors' real world impact and improve your negotiating leverage during renewal season.


Assess potential vendors

Unlock your ability to evaluate vendors at scale, bringing data-driven automation to your process for selecting which vendors can drive the most clinical and financial value for your organization's unique demographic profile.

Craft innovative vendor contract terms

Implement contracts with measurable ROI performance guarantees with your healthcare vendors, ensuring that they are incentivized to deliver on the ROI promised and improving outcomes on your people and your bottom line.


How Sonrava Health implemented value-based vendor selection for their health benefits program

How does value-based vendor selection and contracting work in practice?

Accorded CEO, Frank Cheung, talked to Kevin Simes, Director of Total Rewards about how he successfully implemented a value-based vendor selection process to choose point solutions that can drive the most clinical and financial value for his specific population.

Ensure healthy returns with ROI intelligence

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